Alright my friends, with the holiday season just around the corner (and you know it is), it’s time to talk about Christmas cookies and some fantastic cookie packaging ideas.

As we all know, the best way to spread joy and love during the holidays is by baking a batch (or 12) of your favorite Christmas cookies and sharing them with friends and family near and far.

But there’s more to it than just baking all those mouthwatering cookies; you’ve got to package them up beautifully annnnd ensure they reach their destination in one piece, right?

A variety of Christmas cookies packed up in a box with some fern branches and brown twin next to them.

Now, Let’s Go Over Some Cookie Packaging Ideas

1. Selecting the Right Containers

The first step in the cookie packaging process is choosing the perfect container. Your options are as diverse as your cookie recipes, so let’s explore a few good ones:

a. Decorative Tins: These classic containers exude a vintage charm and are perfect for gifting. You can find tins in various shapes and sizes, which means you can match the tin to the occasion. Plus, they’re reusable!

b. Clear Cellophane Bags: For a simple yet elegant presentation, clear cellophane bags are a popular choice. Place your cookies inside, tie the top with a festive ribbon, and let your cookies peek through – it’s an instant visual delight!

c. Mason Jars: Mason jars are not just for jams and pickles. They make adorable cookie containers too. Layer your cookies neatly for a visually appealing display.

d. Cookie Boxes: If you’re sending cookies as a gift, consider sturdy cookie boxes. They come in various sizes, and some even have festive designs.

e. Decorative Plates or Platters: For an eco-friendly and elegant option, consider arranging your cookies on decorative plates or platters. Wrap them in plastic wrap or cellophane and secure with a bow or ribbon.

2. Making Them Look Pretty

Once you’ve chosen your container, it’s time to make your cookies look like they belong on the pages of a gourmet magazine:

a. Colorful Ribbons: A colorful ribbon can instantly jazz up any cookie packaging. Choose ribbons that complement your cookies or reflect the festive theme.

b. Personalized Tags: Add a special touch by attaching personalized tags with a heartwarming message. These tags can include the recipient’s name or a holiday greeting.

c. Window Boxes: If you’re using cookie boxes, go for those with a clear window. The peekaboo effect will make your cookies look enticing.

d. Themed Decorations: Tailor your packaging to the season. Use holly, mistletoe, or miniature ornaments to decorate your containers.

e. Themed Wrapping Paper: Wrap your cookie containers in festive holiday-themed wrapping paper to set the tone.

3. Ensuring Safe Shipping

If you’re planning to send your cookies to loved ones who are miles away, you want them to arrive intact. Here’s how to ensure a safe journey:

a. Sturdy Packaging: Invest in sturdy shipping boxes or corrugated boxes to protect your cookie containers. If you’re shipping several containers, consider using a larger box with sufficient padding.

b. Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts: Line your shipping box with bubble wrap and packing peanuts to create a protective cushion for your cookies. Make sure there’s enough padding between each container.

c. Individual Packaging: If you’re sending an assortment of cookies with varying textures and flavors, consider individually wrapping or sealing each type of cookie in its own packaging. This prevents flavors from mixing and maintains the quality.

d. “Fragile” Label: Label your package as “Fragile” to alert the carriers to handle it with care.

e. Expedited Shipping: Choose expedited shipping methods, especially if you’re sending perishable cookies. The sooner they reach their destination, the fresher they’ll be.

4. Recipe Ideas

Now for my favorite part, let’s talk cookie ideas! Here are a few of my favorite Christmas cookies that are perfect for packaging and gifting:

a. Cut-out Sugar Cookies: These can be cut into festive shapes and decorated with buttercream or royal icing. Place them in a clear cellophane bag, tie with a colorful ribbon, and you have a classic Christmas gift.

b. Gingersnap Cookies: Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread flavored cookies. Arrange them on a holiday-themed plate or in a decorative tin.

c. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies: These cracked chocolatey cookies can be layered in a mason jar, creating a beautiful and tasty gift.

d. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies: Pack these cookies in a tin or cellophane bag, adding a few extra “kisses” for a festive touch.

e. Snowball Cookies: These round, powdered sugar-covered cookies look stunning in a clear container or mason jar.

Remember, the joy of Christmas cookies goes way beyond their delicious taste. The care and love you put into baking, packaging, and gifting them makes the holiday season even more special.

So, whether you’re sharing them with friends and family or sending them as thoughtful gifts, embrace the art of cookie packaging and let your cookies spread the holiday cheer. Happy baking my friends!


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  1. So many great ideas here! I really struggle with creativity and usually just toss my cookies on a paper plate with some foil. I’m stepping up my game this year!

    1. Hahaha Amber, I’ve been there! It doesn’t take much to make cookies look fancy – I’m glad you’re up to the challenge. It makes for a fun and festive afternoon.

  2. Sweet E's Bake Shop says:

    Delicious cookies and such creative packaging! The clear cellophane bags with ribbons are a classic, but the mason jars add a cute touch. Perfect inspiration for gifting!

    1. Thank you so much! Finding creative and pretty ways to gift cookies is so much fun. Thanks for taking a minute to comment, I really appreciate it!