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So, I don’t know about you, but I love the look of miss-matched plates hanging on the wall in the kitchen (or dining room), but I really hate the look of those old-school, cumbersome plate hanging wire bracket things. They’re hideous, really. There has to be a better (more attractive) way to safely hang plates on the wall, right? Well, there absolutely is! I did a lot of searching around the internet and comparison shopping for us…yes, you’re welcome!

Easy tutorial for how to hand plates on the wall without ugly hardware!

And what I found were these disc adhesive plate hangers! They are pretty inexpensive and are super easy to use. You just get the backs of them wet, wait a few minutes for the adhesive to soften, and then firmly press them on to the back of the plates. After a day of dry time, they’re ready to hang on the wall.

Easy tutorial for how to hand plates on the wall without ugly hardware!Unlike the wire bracket version, these disc plate hangers hang the plates flush with the wall. There’s no ugly hardware or big gap to annoy you when you walk by (oh wait, is it just me who is annoyed by things like that?). Well anyway, they’re virtually invisible and I think that’s awesome!

Easy tutorial for how to hand plates on the wall without ugly hardware!

I didn’t have a spare wall, or actually any walls in my kitchen for my plate display (sad!), but I did have a nice big empty wall in my dining room, so that’s where i put my plates.

When it comes to arranging plates for the wall, there’s really no wrong way to do it, but I found that starting in the center and working outwards was the best. I started by laying out the plate I wanted in the very center on the floor and then placing the remaining plates around it in a pattern that I liked, different shapes and sizes, and even different colors. play around with it and see what you like.  At first I had mine in a symmetric pattern, and I liked it, but then I moved them around some more and decided it wasn’t as much fun as a more random pattern.

Once you have your pattern arranged on the floor, it’s time to move them to the wall. Find the center point on the wall and hang the center plate there. Then follow your pattern from the floor with all of the rest of the plates. Truth, I did have to move a few of them after they were all up because I didn’t love my initial spacing, so there are a few extra holes in my wall…oops. But the plates look amazing!

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  1. I was looking for a way to hang my mother’s blue willow dishes in a way that I can take them off the wall and use them too!