Christmas is fast-approaching, you guys and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday decor for the year. I’ve put together this helpful list of 10 of the best Christmas tree decorating tips for you, to make creating a beautifully styled Christmas tree as easy as 1, 2, 3…10.

The very best Christmas tree decorating tips! Make your tree look incredible!

The themed tree

When you make the transition from a family tree to a styled or themed tree, it’s a good idea to make a plan. I like to start with a color scheme, find some ribbon that coordinates, and go from there.

When you decorate a themed Christmas tree, it’s a good idea to go about it the same way each time. This list will get you started creating a beautiful themed tree that you can build on year after year.

A decorated and lit Christmas tree with neutral colored ornaments.

The step-by-step process

  1. Fluffing/trimming. Always start by fluffing the branches (if your tree is artificial) or trimming off any rogue branches (if your tree is real).
  2. Lights. Wrap the tree in lights if it is not prelit. Running lights up and down the tree (instead of around) will give a more uniform look. I like to use more than one size light bulb. My tree is pre-lit with white mini lights and I add several strings of larger white C9 bulbs on top of those.
  3. Garland/ribbon. Place garland or ribbon into the tree before adding any ornaments, starting at the top of the tree and working your way down, keeping the spacing uniform. Attach with twist ties or bend branches around the garland/ribbon to create a bunched look.
  4. Large ornaments. Always place the largest ornaments on the tree first. Start at the top and space them out evenly throughout the open areas inbetween the garland/ribbon.
  5. All other ornaments. Fill in the open areas with smaller ornaments, mixing up colors, textures, and shapes for variety. To add some personality and uniformity, use fancy ornaments hooks on every ornament (like these S hooks from Hobby Lobby or Walmart).
  6. Finishing touches. I call these sticks; the curled ting branches. Separate each branch and stick them in the tree, so that only the curled end shows. Strategically place them all over the tree to add texture.
  7. Make adjustments. Stand back and look over the whole tree, check ornament spacing, variety of ornaments, and dead/dark spots. Rearrange ornaments as needed. My motto is the more random the better!
  8. Tree topper. Place the tree topper and make sure it’s straight and secure.
  9. Tree skirt. If your tree is on the floor, place the tree skirt and smooth out any wrinkes. If you tree is in a bucket or basket, carefully wrap the trunk of the tree with the tree skirt (or material i.e. white sheet, burlap, piece of natural colored linen) and fluff it evenly.
A decorated and lit Christmas tree with neutral colored ornaments.

The final and most important step

10. Enjoy your masterpeice. This is the best part! Grab a cup of hot cocoa or coffee, curl up on the couch and enjoy the beauty of your Christmas tree; I mean really take it all in. 🙂

A fully decorated and lit Christmas tree with neutral colored ornaments.

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  1. Kristine,
    Where did you get your more rustic ornaments? The rustic wood ball ornaments or wooden gingerbread ones?

    1. Hey Lauren! I got almost everything from Hobby Lobby, but the wooden gingerbread men are from Etsy and I stained them to match my house/decor. It was an easy afternoon project! Happy decorating!

  2. How much burlap ribbon did you use? Your tree is beautiful!