5 Simple Ways to Simplify Life

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of everyday life, isn’t it? I find these 5 simple ways to simplify life super helpful when I need a break!

When I start to feel that whirlwind of crazy come over me, I know it's time to slow my roll and simplify my life. These 5 simply ways to simplify life save me every single time.

Life can be so hectic! It seems like there are always a million things that need to be done, errands to run, and people that need to be fed. I feel completely out of control sometimes, don’t you? When I start to feel that whirlwind of crazy come over me, I know it’s time to slow my roll and simplify. These 5 simple ways to simplify life save me every single time.

  1. Learn to disconnect. We spend so much time plugged into our phones and the internet everyday; always communicating and checking for status updates, and in the process, we are missing little life moments. Spending some time doing something you love or just being completely alone can leave you feeling refreshed from the inside out. I’ve been thinking about trying a few minutes of meditation myself! I read an article that talked about how beneficial it can be and I’m intrigued. I’ll keep you posted…
  2. Eat well and move. We often forget that our bodies need to move; they’re designed for it! Getting regular exercise (no matter how much you despise doing it – ME!) will lift your spirits and your appetite! Refueling everyday with nutritious food will give you plenty of energy (for all that exercise!) and help with a healthy mind too! I’ve noticed a huge increase in my energy level every day and my ability to sleep at night since I’ve been getting some cardio and strength training in several days a week (thank you OTF!).
  3. Limit negativity and think positive. Do your very best to avoid negative people, negative talk, and negative situations. It’s amazing how uplifting optimistic thoughts and positive self-talk can be! You can change your entire mood by changing your thinking. Don’t believe me? Try it! Next time you have a negative thought, challenge yourself to change it to a positive somehow. It totally works.
  4. Declutter. Clutter is bad news. For everyone. It’s depressing, and suffocating, and makes relaxing almost impossible. Devote some time to cleaning up your physical clutter as well as your mental clutter. Just the sheer act of reducing unnecessary items (or thoughts) is liberating. And afterwards, you’ll be able to relax and get in those few minutes of meditation! I don’t struggle as much with the physical clutter, it’s my mind that gets me. I hold on to thoughts and feelings for way too long. Releasing them and clearing them out always leaves me feeling like a brand new me. Start small, one room or even one corner of one room. A little bit of decluttering goes a long way!
  5. No thank you. Learn how and when to say no thank you. Saying no to invites or people that don’t add something to your life will give you some of your precious time back and it can also reduce your stress level (since you’re not over-comitted all the time). When you say no, you are able to prioritize and make time for the people and things you truly love. If you’re a person who likes to make people happy (me, again), this one can be tough. But I can tell you from experience, saying no thank you gets easier each time you do it. So, don’t be afraid to test the waters!

The next time you feel like the Tasmanian devil of your life (me, at least once a week, I swear!), take a big long deep breath, and work your way down this list of 5 simple ways to simplify life and see how they work for you!

…then pat yourself on the back and enjoy a cookie…or two!

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  1. All of these are amazing and definitely vital to staying in balance and relax. I’m rather good at #1 and 5 but struggle with clutter – you were very right in pointing out this doesn’t just entail physical but mental “cleaning”. Focusing on the positives is something I’ve been practicing for years to the point where I’m now sad to realize how many people are negative thinkers. It takes from the happiness in life.

    1. Thank you so much! Oh, I completely agree with you about negative thinkers. When I started paying attention to it, I noticed it a lot more; everywhere! Even within myself, there were things I didn’t realize I was putting a negative spin on. Mind blown! For me, working hard on #3 and #5 have made me so much happier on a daily basis. 🙂