It’s Been A Really Long Time

It’s been a really long time since I’ve blogged—I mean old school, writing and sharing type blogging. Like back when I had the freedom to just sit down and pour my thoughts out. Back when I could write about my life experiences, or anything else I wanted to talk about without worrying about SEO, algorithms, or the ever-changing trends of social media.

It was just me, my keyboard, and a cup of coffee doing my thing. #thosewerethedays

And you know what you guys, I miss it. A lot. I miss the simplicity of sharing my world with all of you. So I decided that since this is my blog and I should do what brings me joy, I’m making a return to those roots. I’m taking it back to when blogging felt like a cozy chat with a friend. And I’m going to actually write again.

Anyone remember the early days of Kristine in Between? When this was just my tiny corner of the internet and I talked about our girls growing up and what I was doing that day, as well as cooking, baking, and all things Christmas?

Me too. It was great!

I spent hours crafting the perfect sugar cookie recipe and took tons of mediocre (and underexposed) photos. I taught myself to crochet and inadvertently come up with three simple crochet patterns (that would eventually make my blog “famous”).

And you know what? Those were the days when I felt the happiest; the most fulfilled, and the most connected to you. My people. I could feel your excitement and appreciation about a post or recipe through the thoughtful comments and messages you’d send my way. And you took the time to share you stories too. It was really special.

But like everything else in life, blogging evolved and changed. What started as a personal diary of sorts, turned into a polished, SEO-driven professional website where every post had to be optimized for search engines and social media, and you know what? The writing got left behind—it was lost.

And to make matters worse, no one really wanted the stories anymore. The pressure from all this, and to keep up with the trends, algorithms, and the latest blogging techniques eventually pushed me away from the simple joy of writing. The one thing I truly love.

So here’s to me getting back to the basics of blogging and writing (in addition to my regular content, of course). I want to say a heartfelt thank you—thank you for being here, for sharing this journey with me, and for making every post, every recipe, and every moment so much more meaningful.

Let’s keep creating, baking, and Christmas-ing together. And I promise to share more of these heartfelt moments and stories with you too, just like old times.


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    1. Thank you so much, Alicia! It’s been a long time coming 😉