Kristine Underwood, blogger and photographer behind Kristine in betweenI get asked all the time why I’m Kristine in between, so decided I should write a little post about it because there’s a story there, of course.

When I first started this blog, I knew I wanted a place to write and share my stories and recipes, but I also wanted to talk about all the things I’m into, like my obsession with homemade cookies, my love for photographing everything, and also my passion for fitness.

Now, I know you’re thinking those things are total opposites and yes they are. I’m all over the map. I couldn’t possibly write about photography tips one day, fitness, health, and whole food the next, and then post my favorite dark chocolate cookie recipe the day after that, could I?

Or…could I?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I walk the line between all the things I love every single day, and I somehow manage to find a balance between it all, so why can’t I write about that?

It was then that it became very clear to me; I had my answer. My constant state of in between is who I am, and it’s what this blog should be all about – cookies, and fitness, and crafts, and crocheting, and Christmas, and baking, and whole food, and photography, and whatever else I dream up; walking the line, finding the balance, and being in between all of the things you love, even when they’re opposites, and most importantly, finding ways to enjoy all of it because life is short!

So, after all that, Kristine in between seemed like the right choice; it just fit. The very next day, I started this blog and the rest is history! I hope you’ll stick around and explore the in between with me!

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