Why I Always Keep It Fun

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you know I’m that person who infuses every situation with as much fun as possible. I believe in dancing anywhere when a good song comes on (the gym, a restroom, the grocery store). I can make chores fun, workouts entertaining, and staying at home something to laugh about. I guess you could say I like to have a good time.

Fun often takes a backseat in daily life, as we chase productivity and progress though doesn’t it? However, I believe that forgetting to inject moments of joy into our daily routines can have detrimental effects on our wellbeing. Seriously, fun serves as a vital counterbalance, providing us with an escape from the monotonous grind, and offering a (much needed) refreshing break from the daily pressures of life.

When we engage in activities that bring us joy and make us laugh, we disrupt the boring cycle of monotony that often leads to burnout. It could be as simple as cranking up some good tunes or having a hilarious conversation with a friend. These moments of light-heartedness provide a reset button for our minds and allow us to approach the day/life with renewed energy and enthusiasm (and I think we could all use a little more of that).

Fun has a unique way of unlocking our creativity and enabling us to think outside the box too (this is a big one for me, since I get writers block REAL BAD). When we’re engaged in enjoyable activities, our minds are freed from the constraints of our rigid thinking patterns, and we become more open to exploring new ideas and perspectives. This opens us up to a whole lot of newfound creativity. In fact, I often come up with my best blog post ideas during my morning workout, or on the drive home because my mind is happy and free.

Maintaining a sense of fun in our lives can fuel our motivation to keep us pushing forward, even during the most difficult times. When we associate enjoyment and excitement with our goals, we’re more likely to approach them with enthusiasm and dedication. Fun acts as a catalyst, keeping our spirits high and our determination strong. And this, my friend, can help us accomplish all sorts of great things.

While I do believe it’s important to embrace fun and playfulness as often as possible, I suppose it’s equally important to recognize that not every single moment can be filled with amusement (boo). We need to try to find a good balance between fun and our responsibilities and obligations (since technically, we are grownups here, haha).

It’s so easy to overlook the value of fun and playfulness in our adult lives. However, to protect ourselves from burnout and to add to our overall happiness, I think we need to make a conscious effort to keep things fun whenever we can. By incorporating more fun into life, we unlock the power of our creativity, boost our motivation, and find the resilience to overcome our challenges. So, let’s make a vow right now. Let’s infuse our lives with lots of laughter, a little adventure, and as much lightheartedness as we can, and remember my friend, KEEP IT FUN.

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