Listen Closely

People baffle me. They say one thing and then act (or don’t act) a totally different way. It’s got me convinced that words have to be the least reliable form of communication there is. They can be so deceiving, can’t they? I’ve personally found that non-verbal signals reveal so much more about someone’s intentions, emotions, and true self than any combination of words ever could.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly sensed the tension in the air? You know what I mean, when you can physically feel it? That’s because energy is one of the most powerful communicators out there. Our energy radiates from us, all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not, and it can shape the way people perceive us.

On one hand, positive energy can make us approachable and magnetic, while on the other hand, negative energy can create an atmosphere of discomfort and even push people away. Words may tell us what we want to hear, but energy doesn’t lie. It will reveal true emotions and intentions.

And of course, actions are another big one. You can say one thing, but how will you act? As they say, actions speak louder than words. It’s easy for someone to say they care about you, but if their behavior contradicts their words, it becomes clear that their intentions are not at all genuine.

Whether it’s a small gesture of kindness or a consistent pattern of behavior, actions provide valuable insights into a person’s character and values. By paying attention to how people behave, we can uncover their genuine nature, even when their words tell a different story.

What about body language? Our words are constructed consciously, but our body language often reveals our true feelings and thoughts on an unconscious level. From facial expressions to posture, hand movements to eye contact, our bodies are constantly communicating messages that can either align with or contradict our words.

A genuine smile can convey warmth and sincerity, while crossed arms might signal defensiveness. By attuning ourselves to body language, we gain access to a wealth of information that words alone can’t convey. Pay attention, my friend.

This next one is also hugely significant (are you sensing my theme here – they’re actually all “big ones”, haha). In a world filled with noise, silence often gets overlooked. Yet, silence can be one of the most powerful forms of communication. It can express comfort, understanding, or even disconnect and disapproval.

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes where words fail. Paying attention to the pauses, the unspoken words, and moments of silence can reveal more about a person’s true thoughts and emotions than all the verbal expression in the world. If you’ve ever received the “cold shoulder”, been “ghosted” or “iced out” by someone, you know how powerful (and painful) silence can be.

While words are undoubtedly essential for communication, to me, they’re just one piece of the puzzle. Non-verbal signals such as energy, behavior, body language, and silence add depth and nuance to our interactions, enabling us to understand others on a deeper level (both good and bad). The next time you find yourself engaging in a conversation, remember to listen closely – beyond the words. Pay attention to the unspoken signs, my friend, for they will often provide you with insight into the true intentions and emotions of those around you.

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