It’s Been a Year

My dad standing on the wing of his airplane with his arms in the airWell Dad, it’s been a year since you left us. It feels like it was yesterday. I really miss you. Sometimes I see you in my dreams and I wake up thinking you’re here. I could almost swear I’ve seen you, held your hand, spent time with you…

I hope you’re happy and free.

We are doing okay, but this world isn’t the same without you in it. And you’ve missed a lot. Mad’s about to turn 16 and I never imagined you wouldn’t be here to see it. I can’t believe our little Mad is going to be 16. Hannah started high school last week, which is both exciting and terrifying; you’d be going crazy. She’s grown up, so strong.

Mom is hanging in there, she’s much tougher than we thought. Remember how we used to joke around and say she’d be lost without you? Well, she’s proving us wrong. Her whole world has been turned upside down, but she’s still going. She’s learning to live in your absence, even though she hates it. She’s pretty amazing.

We are taking care of each other.

We are having dinner tonight at your house, your favorite green chili pie, in your honor. We just wish you were here to eat it with us. We are also going to release messages and balloons tonight, up to heaven. I really hope they reach you.

I think of you every single day.

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