Hey Self, It’s Me

Hey there, my friend! I’ve been thinking about something. Have you ever caught yourself engaged in an internal dialogue, talking to yourself silently in your mind (or even talking out loud, haha)? We’ll first of all, you’re definitely not alone – I’m a talk out loud kind of gal myself. But seriously, self-talk is an intrinsic part of human nature, and we all do it. It shapes our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, our actions. And while it may seem insignificant, the the way we talk to ourselves matters. A lot.

Have you ever noticed how your self-talk affects your mood? When we talk down to ourselves (aka negative self-talk, which is characterized by self-deprecating thoughts, self-doubt, and criticism) it can be absolutely detrimental to our mental and emotional state. It saps our self-confidence, limits our potential, and feeds into a relentless cycle of negativity (ugh). But on the other hand, positive self-talk is a hugely empowering force. When we use positive affirmations and encouragement instead, we cultivate a resilient mindset and boost our confidence.

We often forget that words hold immense power. The thoughts we choose to dwell on and the words we say to ourselves directly influence the way we see ourselves as well as the way we see the world around us. And beware, my friend, negative self-talk can act as a self-fulfilling prophecy too. It traps us in a cycle of negativity and hinders all of our personal growth (yikes). But by embracing positive self-talk, we can shape a mindset that allows us to embrace new opportunities and cultivate a strong sense of self-worth.

In fact, one of the greatest gifts of positive self-talk is the boost it gives our self-confidence. When we constantly berate ourselves with negativity, we diminish our self-worth and erode our belief in our abilities and in ourselves. But when we adopt an optimistic and supportive inner voice, it allows us to celebrate our strengths, acknowledge our accomplishments, and approach challenges with a can-do attitude. So, by cultivating self-confidence through positive self-talk, we can open ourselves up to new opportunities and unlock our true potential. Boom!

But, don’t worry if you’re stuck in that cycle of negativity I talked about earlier, my friend. Like any habit, positive self-talk can be learned. By consciously redirecting our negative self-talk into positive affirmations and constructive thoughts, we can gradually rewire our brain to default to a positive mindset (yay!). This, in turn, fosters a healthier and more resilient approach to all of life’s ups and downs.

Our self-talk is a very powerful tool that shapes our perception and our mindset. By recognizing the influence of the way we talk to ourselves and working to actively avoid talking down to ourselves, we can transform our (very loud, and very important) inner voice into a source of strength and positivity. Remember, my friend, and this is super important – the words you choose to speak to yourself matter. Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.

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  1. Christine says:

    I once was on a talk radio show about our inner voice. Because of my work with children, I talked about can you imagine if one year olds had a vocabulary and had that inner voice? We would never learn to walk! Our parents clap and cheer us when we stand. We try a step and we fall and we get back up and try again and again. Imagine if that child’s inner voice was saying. “Look at you! Why can’t you walk? Everyone else is doing it! Little Johnny next door was 10 months old when he walked. I’m never going to do this. I don’t want to do this anymore.” That’s why it is good we don’t master those verbal development skills until we are older.