Basketball Is Her Thing

As parents, we have moments, you know the ones I’m talking about; the moments where you are completely overcome with emotion. Goosebumps appear all over your arms and you feel flushed and tingly, maybe even a few tears well up in your eyes. You feel proud…with every single part of you. This about one of those moments.

Every kid has their ‘thing’ that they’re good at or that they are passionate about, and our Mad is no exception. Her thing has always been basketball. She absolutely loves it. But, because she has special needs and some physical limitations, she has always struggled to play and playing on a team was never really an option for her, until recently that is.

The high school she attends has a program called Unified Sports, which incorporates typical students and special needs students on one team to play a variety of sports during the school year. They play everything from football to track, and of course, basketball. We looked forward to basketball all year long.

As a Junior in high school, Mad finally got her chance to play on a real basketball team!

I will never forget the feeling of being in the gym, watching her play, and watching her pier friends help her during the game. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. It was an incredible thing to experience as a parent. Mad has always been a happy and enthusiastic kid, but when she would talk about basketball and her team, she would absolutely light up.

Basketball is her thing.

And…you know me, I believe in documenting everything and am passionate about photography, so I not only took a million pictures, but I made my first short film about Mad and her experience on the basketball team. Being able to photo and video this and then create this little film for us to look back on was so special for me because this was a first for us. I hope you enjoy seeing this little glimpse of our amazing kid and her basketball team.

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