15 Ways To Get Your Happy On

We’ve all heard that saying, ‘happiness is a choice’ and for the most part, I agree; however, I don’t think it’s possible to be happy all the time (though I do try).

We all have those moments when we give in to the negativity that surround us. And even though we all fall victim, at one time or another, it’s really important to remember that we always have a choice; we don’t have to stay stuck in negativity.

There are some really simple things you can do to find a little (or a lot of) happy, any time you need it!

A sunlit desert with purple flowers and a saguaro cactus in the background

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get your happy on

  • Clean out your closet – everyone knows that purging old and unused things is super refreshing, so start with your wardrobe, or even just a few things that you know can go and maybe have been putting off getting rid of. Get it outta there! And for a double whammy in the happiness department, donate it. Helping other people brings joy.
  • Let go of comparison – I should have made this number one. It’s a biggie. I’ve posted quotes saying ‘comparison is the thief of all joy’ several times because it’s the absolute truth. Why would you rob yourself of joy by comparing yourself to anyone or anything? That’s right, just stop. By caring a whole lot less about what other people are doing, you’ll immediately feel more free (happy).
  • Spend time with your bestie – I’m pretty sure it’s a fact that spending time with your friends increases happiness. Friends are uber important to all of our happiness. Everyone needs their people.
  • Get outside – the smell of the fresh air, the feel of the grass on your feet, the warm rays of the sun on your skin, or even a few raindrops on your head can remind you of how beautiful this world is. Take it all in, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day.
  • Smile at a stranger – this is my favorite one! It’s also a proven fact that smiling at a stranger not only makes you feel good, but it can change their whole day too. You read that right, their whole day! So smile at everyone you see – you’ll feel happy and you just might pass that happiness on to someone else.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset – oh wait, this is my favorite one! This world is an incredibly beautiful place and it’s almost impossible not to feel contentment and happiness when you watch the sun come up or go down. Take it all in. Embrace it. In fact, practice embracing each and every day to the best of your ability.
  • Exercise – a little or a lot, just get up and move more than you normally do. Getting in some extra steps can do wonders for your mood. Get those endorphins flowing and I promise you’ll feel happier, and chatty, and jittery, and probably slightly spastic (..or maybe that’s just me?). It’s awesome; I love fitness.
  • Give someone you love a hug – but not just a quickie. Give ’em a real hug, like 6-7 seconds long. It’s proven to help reduce stress and can actually make you both happier! I try this with Jay every morning, but he usually tries to break free before I can get to 7 seconds, haha.
  • Turn up the music and danceno THIS one is my favorite! Loud music and dancing make feeling unhappy nearly impossible. Pretend like no one is watching, or maybe pretend like everyone is – your choice! You’ll not only feel happier, but very alive! I do this one everyday, honestly, it’s fun.
  • Be grateful – take a few minutes (everyday) to be grateful for everything special in your life, people, pets, experiences that make your life what it is. It’s incredible how far a little gratitude goes in making your soul happy.
15 ways to get your happy on, right here right now! Easy things you can do to add a little happiness to each day.
  • Take a catnap and don’t feel guilty – yep, just lean back, close those eyes and relax. Taking a few (or 30) minutes for yourself without guilt will rejuvenate you and can change your mood for the rest of the day. And sometimes it’s all you really. need.
  • Do something nice for someone just because (pay it forward) – no wait, this one, yeah this one is my favorite. Surprise someone with a kind gesture or buy lunch for someone behind you in line without expectation. You’d be surprised how many times someone will follow your example. I have a story! I was at Chipotle once (this is true, by the way) and the man ahead of me paid for my veggie bowl without me knowing. I got up to the register and was shocked! I was so thankful that I paid for the guy behind me. And he paid for the lady and her two children behind him, and she paid for the two teens behind her. It stopped there, but I enjoyed my bowl while watching the kindness continue. So cool and so much happiness.
  • Eat a cookie and really love it – you knew this one was going to be in there, didn’t you? That’s right, reward yourself with a treat, but not just a scarf-it-down-because-you’re-starving treat, an eat-it-because-you-love-it-and-want-to-savor-it treat. When you stop and think about what you’re eating, you’ll appreciate it a little more and it’s impossible not to smile while eating cookie. Pinky promise!
Crinkle topped cookies sitting on a table with Lotus cookie butter
  • Belly laugh (as often as you can) – forget giggling and polite snickers, let that laugh out – so hard you snort if you have to. Surround yourself with people who make you double-over and loose your breath in laughter. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and I’m pretty sure it burns calories too!
  • Practice forgiveness, and maybe start with yourself – throw perfection out the window, forgive yourself for your mistakes and flaws, and just work on being your very best you. Forgivenss frees us to live in the present and feel true happiness. It does. Just think about that…

Happiness is not by chance, it’s by choice

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